Learn to Love Yourself 3 Week Program-$13.95  

This is a 3 week self-study program where you can access for life. You will learn a solid foundation on how to love yourself, shift your mindset and access confidence that has been buried deeper within. I believe every woman on the planet would benefit from having this in their back pocket. 

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No More Narcissists Course-$22.22  

Come take my proven 4 step process to recover from narcissistic relationships and come hOMe to yourself. You will recover from the past relationships that you're still holding on to and will be able to now attract in your soulmate. 

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Women IN Power -$199

This is the program where you heal your heart from divorce and any heartbreak you've experieced. This is the course where you re define all rejection and call your power back. You will tap into your feminity and learn to love YOU. There will be no more settling ever again after this program because you will know your WORTH. This is the course where you step into your QUEEN idenity. 

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