Become The Woman You've Been Dreaming Of

Learn how to master your power as a woman so you can have the man, money, lifestyle and vision you've been dreaming of.


Woman In Power

What's Included:

  • 4 Self-Study Modules
  • Journal Prompts and Exercises
  • Lifetime Access
  • Bonus Videos
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What Will be Covered

  • How to become the CHOOSER
  • Harnessing your QUEEN Energy
  • Mastering saying NO without guilt
  • Seeing YOUR part, so you can reclaim your POWER
  • NEVER settle again
  • Clean up old patterns of low self worth 
  • MASTER your mind, energy and intuition
  • BECOME the energetic match to the man, money and lifestyle you've been dreaming of. 
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How You Will Take This Course

  • You will watch the modules weekly
  • You will complete the exercises associated with each module
  • You can re-watch as often as you like and multiple times. 
  • You can go at your own pace, you get lifetime access
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What clients are saying...

“I am not kidding when I say you saved my life.”

Katherine D

“In 1 Session You Helped me Melt 20 Years off of Trauma.”

Gabby M

"This Course is LIFE-CHANGING, I seriously cant believe how much my life changed from just a few modules”

Jess J

About Dr.Onalee:

  •  Dr. Onalee is an EXPERT at helping women tap into their power. 
  • She has created a Multiple 6 Figure business, bought the dream car and is living the love and lifestyle she dreamed of. 
  • She has helped thousands of people over the last 6 years and celebrated MANY people attracting their soulmate. 

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1 Time Payment

  • 4, Pre Recorded Modules
  • Journal Prompts/Exercises
  • Self Study and Self Paced
  • Lifetime Access
  • Bonus Videos!

The Course that Supports you in being Powerful

I believe every woman on the planet who wants to be able to attract in their soulmate, heal from rejection, remember they are worthy and good enough and allow in more money, and abundance would benefit from this program.